Who We Are?

about us

Edge Effect is a family run business. Being a family that has diverse interests, we have a diverse set of skills. These include GIS, security, ecology, geology and engineering. 

If you have a problem that can be solved on a map, we’d like to help. 

What we do

There is a growing need for business to become “geo-enabled”. In other words, we put your stuff on a map. This includes electronic mapping applications and printed maps

Retaining an accurate geodatabase with specific GPS co-ordinates enables a service provider to optimise their operations, track sales in an area, and accurately plot events and incidents.

Our Core Values

  • Keep it small and adaptable: We like our business small and project based. No large offices or complex organograms. This keeps our costs low and enables us to draw skills into the operation on a project by project basis.
  • Keep it green: Were possible we like to do projects that invest in the planet. This might be through minimizing emissions by optimizing a client’s routes, providing some education on the applications of GIS or working with a conservation body. The greener the better.
  • Keep the mental cogs turning: We enjoy solving problems, this might mean through a process of research or sourcing the person who has the right skill to solve the problem.